16 CannaTech and ancillary cannabis businesses using Webflow in 2024

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April 10, 2024
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October 27, 2023
Rebecca Lowe, Founder of Joyflo
Image collage of various ancillary cannabis businesses that have built their website on Webflow.

Webflow is a no-code SaaS platform, hailed as a groundbreaking technology that has redefined the landscape of web design and development in recent years.

Unlike traditional web development methods, Webflow offers a fresh approach that empowers designers and developers to create stunning, responsive websites without the need for extensive coding. This innovative platform has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface, enabling individuals and businesses to bring their digital visions to life with greater ease and efficiency. In this age of constant technological evolution, Webflow represents a new frontier in web design, providing a bridge between creativity and functionality that promises to revolutionize the way websites are built and maintained.

Similar to the rapid advancements seen in Webflow and no-code development, the cannabis industry is experiencing significant progress and innovation. With the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis, businesses in the industry are increasingly recognizing the necessity of solid web design to establish their online presence, enhance user experience, and effectively showcase their products and services to a broader audience.

Webflow's current regulations on cannabis

Unfortunately, due to Webflow's Terms of Service, selling cannabis products that contain CBD and THC is entirely prohibited through Webflow Ecommerce, even with third-party e-commerce integrations, such as Shopify, restricted from the platform. Bummer!

However, that's not particularly astonishing, given the stringent regulations that plant-touching cannabis businesses must contend with. Nevertheless, ancillary cannabis businesses, a flourishing sector within the cannabis market, are adding a whole new facet, rapidly expanding and offering unique opportunities for growth and innovation. In case you're unfamiliar, ancillary businesses do not cultivate, sell, or distribute cannabis, but they do provide services, products, and technology to businesses within the cannabis industry. And due to the less strict regulations, a handful of these ancillary businesses have already jumped on the Webflow wagon, benefiting from its innovative technology!

Here are 16 ancillary cannabis businesses using Webflow for their marketing website in 2023:

#1 Dutchie - www.business.dutchie.com

Dutchie is the leading technology partner for cannabis retailers of all sizes. With a range of solutions covering point of sale, payments, ecommerce, insurance, and more, Dutchie empowers dispensaries to run efficiently, scale their operation easily, stay compliant, and offer outstanding experiences to the customers who rely on them.

Dutchie's site, built with Webflow, is minimal, professional and effective in sharing all the business has to offer. With a seamless mega navigation menu the site is easy to navigate through it's vast amount of offerings and content.

#2 Tymber - www.tymber.io

Tymber is an SEO Focused e-commerce software platform for cannabis dispensaries & direct to consumer cannabis brands. Recently acquired by Blaze, Tymber offers a unique opportunity to accelerate cannabis retail innovation.

Their vibrant and polished marketing website, which was built with Webflow, includes an overview of all their digital solutions and utilizes the power of Webflow's CMS for their growing blog and case studies.

#3 Kayapush - www.kayapush.com

Kayapush is an integrated payroll, HR, and workforce management software for dispensary owners. The startup evolved from the well-known North American technology company, Push Operations, who saw an opportunity to serve the growing cannabis industry and their existing customer base.

Their SaaS Webflow site includes a bunch of resources, including webinars, case studies, guides and checklist, as well as their podcast focusing on helping cannabis retailers launch, grow, and scale their business.

#4 Headset - www.headset.io

Headset is empowering the cannabis industry by providing data driven insights for Growers, Processors and Retailers. They help businesses inform their business strategy with real-time cannabis consumer trends & market intelligence.

Their Webflow site has an expansive mega navigation that lists all their best selling markets as well as a ton of resources, including a blog, training lessons, webinars, podcasts, reports, and more - all powered by Webflow's powerful CMS.

#5 Fyllo™ - www.hellofyllo.com

Fyllo's industry-leading advertising solutions are trusted by Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands to increase reach, boost efficiency and maximize ROI. Fyllo was founded in 2019 to solve a critical problem faced by fast-growing industries like cannabis: compliance at scale.

Their Webflow site is very minimal with light scroll in animations and offers a breakdown of their products and services as wells as various resources and information about the company and team.

#6 Stronghold® - stronghold.co/stronghold-pay-for-cannabis

Stronghold® is a Fintech startup that creates virtual payment networks for underserved industries, with their initial market opportunity among cannabis businesses. Stronghold Pay for Cannabis is their compliant digital payment solution for cannabis businesses, and since launching in 2017, they have enabled businesses to process hundreds of millions of dollars of payments through their powerful set of developer APIs.

Stronghold's minimal, clean, and fully responsive website which is built and managed on Webflow has multiple static and dynamic CMS pages, helping them to expand their operations and market their evolving and comprehensive business.

#7 MainStem Inc. - www.mainstem.io

MainStem Inc. is the leading B2B integrated supply procurement platform for cannabis companies. The MainStem platform provides access to over 15,000 products from over 485 brands. In August 2021 the company announced their series C funding for $5 million from Merida Capital Holdings.

MainStem's Webflow website offers information for both operators and suppliers of the cannabis industry and shares a list of various API integrations that can be used with their software.

#8 Happy Cabbage Analytics - www.happycabbage.io

Happy Cabbage Analytics is a retail optimization platform for cannabis dispensaries and delivery businesses. They help operators drive sales and save cash on inventory, marketing, and store operations. The startup has raised a total funding of $3.5M over 4 rounds with it's latest Series A funding round on Aug 30, 2023 for $2M by Delta Emerald Ventures.

On their Webflow site they list all their integration partners, including Cova, Treez, Dutchie, I Heart Jane, and many more!

#9 Supernet - www.supernet.ai

Supernet is providing compliant payment processing and credit card solutions to high growth merchants in underserved industries. In 2022 they launched a credit card for cannabis dispensaries, helping dispensaries manage large amounts of cash handling.

As of 2023, their Webflow site is quite small with a simple landing page, about, contact, and a few legal utility pages. However, due to some recent and upcoming funding, we forecast SuperNet's website to evolve and grow as they expand their offerings and operations.

#10 Lineage Merchant Partners - www.lineagemerchantpartners.com

Lineage Merchant Partners is a leading independent investment bank dedicated to the legal cannabis industry. They advise cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and ancillary companies on a variety of matters including Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets.

Their sleek Webflow website shares their approach to cannabis capital as well as outlines their transactions with their partners, including Proper Cannabis, Herbiculture, and gLeaf Medical Cannabis.

#11 Aeropay - www.aeropay.com

Aeropay is a financial technology company that helps people move money with bank-to-bank (ACH) transfers. They enable businesses to accept compliant, digital payments, giving their customers the freedom to spend. In 2021, the startup landed a funding round of $5 million led by Chicago Ventures.

Their Webflow website is beautiful, with subtle but powerful animations including a unique mega navigation menu listing information about the company, their products and resources.

#12 Cannatech Ventures - www.cannatech.ventures

CannaTech Ventures is a technology incubator helping innovators building tech or tech-enabled products gain access to the tools, education, network, and capital necessary for success. They are moving the cannabis industry forward by fostering new technology, promoting community, and democratizing accessibility.

Their Webflow website offers expert insights from their team, a list of upcoming events, and an integrated Typeform to sign up for their incubator program.

#13 Studio Linear - www.studiolinear.com

Studio Linear are a female-owned design agency specializing in branding, package design, social media, web design and interior design. They've worked with some big names, including actor Seth Rogan's Houseplant brand, and are based out of sunny Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Their retro yet modern Webflow site is filled with funky imagery, smooth interactions and animations which appeals to their Canna+Psychedelic Culture™ clientele.

#14 GreenScreens - www.greenscreens.tv

GreenScreens is a fully-integrated digital signage solution, specifically designed for the challenges of cannabis retail operations. In 2022 they announced their investment round, led by Tiger Global.

On their Webflow site they list their partners, including Flowhub, Headset, Meadow, Growflow, and other top cannabis players in the industry.

#15 Viridian Capital Advisors - www.viridianca.com

Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC is a financial and strategic advisory firm dedicated to the cannabis market. They leverage their team’s decades of high level operating and transactional experience on Wall Street in a variety of emerging sectors, and provide comprehensive strategic and financial solutions that assist cannabis enterprises in realizing their full potential.

Their Webflow website shares various research reports, transactions, information and news within the cannabis and financial industries.

#16 Joyflo - www.joyflo.co

Joyflo (that's us!) is a productized design service that caters to CannaTech and ancillary cannabis startups, scale-ups, agencies, and entrepreneurs, offering comprehensive branding, design, and Webflow development services. It's owned and operated by sole entrepreneur Rebecca Lowe, who is part of the Webflow Expert program.

Joyflo's website is vibrant yet simple, clearly outlining it's offerings as well as hosting an "insights" blog about design, business, and Webflow development. The site was built on Webflow (obviously!) and is also integrated with Memberstack - a low-code user accounts and memberships solution for modern Webflow websites.

So, there you have it! These 16 ancillary cannabis businesses have definitely found a valuable ally in Webflow, harnessing its user-friendly web development platform to advance their presence in the ever-expanding cannabis industry.

Through the innovative features that Webflow offers, these businesses are crafting compelling online experiences, streamlining their operations, and reaching a wider audience, ultimately reaping the benefits of Webflow's advanced technology. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, we believe Webflow will remain a key instrument for these businesses to thrive, adapt, and make their mark in this dynamic and rapidly growing market.

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